Passport to Romance

Oslo Overtures

“If women were meant to fly, the skies would be pink.”

Those were the first words Anjelica Joergensen heard from renowned wingsuiter, Kyle Sheppard, when they joined an international team in Oslo to break the formation flying Guinness World Record. This wouldn’t be the last blunder Kyle would make around the beautiful Norwegian.

The more Anjelica tries to avoid Kyle, the more the universe pushes them together. Despite their awkward start, she finds herself reluctantly attracted to the handsome New Zealander. But beneath his saintly exterior, is Kyle just a daredevil looking for the next big thrill?

Falling for another wingsuiter would only be another love doomed.

When a childhood sweetheart comes between them, Kyle makes a foolish agreement which jeopardizes the event and endangers his life, forcing Angelica to make a hard choice.

Is she the one who’ll clip his wings?

Can he be the wind beneath hers?

“I knew nothing of wingsuiters until this novel, and I loved finding out more about it—plus the sweet romance. Worth taking the plunge into this story!”

— Amazon review

“It’s great to see a Kiwi character in a Christian novel, especially one who is recognisably Kiwi without being cliche. Some might see the team performing the haka as cliche, but who’s going to argue with men performing a war dance, especially when the translation—it is death, it is life—is so apt for those participating in such a dangerous sport.

It’s also great to see fictional women in unusual surroundings and occupations, and to see two characters for whom the Christian faith is a lifestyle, not something to be mentioned once or twice to qualify them for the Christian bookstore.”

— Iola, Amazon review
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