Poles Apart

Writer’s block and a looming Christmas novel deadline have romance novelist, Sarah Jones, heading for the other side of the world on a whim.

Niklas Toivonen offers cosy Lapland accommodation, but when his aging father falls ill, Niklas is called upon to step into his father’s work clothes to make children happy. Red is quite his color.

Fresh off the airplane, a visit to Santa sets Sarah’s muse into overdrive. The man in red is not only entertaining, he’s young—with gorgeous blue eyes. Much like her new landlord’s, she discovers. Santa and Niklas quickly become objects of research—for her novel, and her curiosity.

Though she’s written countless happily-ever-afters, Sarah doubts she’ll ever enjoy her own. Niklas must find a way to show her how to leave the pain of her past behind, so she can find love and faith once more.

“I honestly love this book. Well written and filled with many Finnish facts and traditions. I smile thinking about the characters and their story. 🙂 Just make sure you don’t start it until you have time to read it through–good thing it’s a novella–because I found it hard to set it down. With most of the story set in Lapland–home of Santa, it’s perfect to get in the Holiday spirit. I was impressed how the author wove the wonder of the man in red with the hope and joy of the real CHRISTmas story.” ~ Angela K. Couch, Author