Reclaiming Charity

Some artworks appear chaotic, but it all depends on the eye of the beholder.

Brody and Madison Peterson have the picture-perfect marriage. Or so it seems. But their teenage daughter Charity knows only too well that that’s not the case. Frequent emotive arguments—the bane of artistic temperaments—have Charity pouring out her heartache and fears in her prayer journal.

When Madison makes a career choice that doesn’t fit in with her husband’s plans for their lives or their art gallery, disaster looms. The end of their marriage and a bitter custody battle over Charity threatens.

What will it take for the Master Artist to heal old wounds and transform their broken marriage into a magnificent masterpiece? Could Charity’s journal be enough to make Brody and Madison realize their folly and reclaim their love?

This is a true masterpiece, woven with threads of grace, forgiveness, trust, enduring faith, and God’s relentless love towards us! It tackles the difficult and deep issues of fear, rejection, abandonment, and feelings of being unworthy of God’s love. ~ Becky Smith

Marion Ueckermann’s well crafted, emotional story has this avid reader coming back for another page turning read. ~ Renate Pennington

Marion Ueckermann has written another must read! When a character is so well written that I simply want to grab hold and shake them, well that’s a winner in my book! ~ Paula Marie

Once again Marion Ueckermann has created characters that are easy to identify with. They are not perfect but realistically flawed. Marion Ueckermann does not present us with fairy tales but with stories of gritty issues that may affect us. She shows that life is not always smooth but that God is always faithful. ~ Julia Wilson