Recovering Hope

In a single moment, a dream dies, and hope is lost.

Lovers of the ocean, Hope and Tyler Peterson long for the day they can dip their little one’s feet into its clear blue waters and pass on their passion for the sea.

Despite dedicating her life to the rescue and rehabilitation of God’s sea creatures, when their dream dies, Hope can’t muster the strength to do the same for herself. Give her a dark hole to hide away from the world and she’d be happy…if happiness were ever again within her reach.

While Tyler is able to design technology that probes the mysteries of the deep, he’s at a loss to find a way to help Hope surface from the darkness that has dragged her into its abyss. He struggles to plan for their future when his wife can barely cope with the here and now.

If they can’t recover hope, their marriage won’t survive.

Recovering Hope is such an emotional story (have the tissues handy!) yet ultimately triumphant too. God’s love is stronger than even the worst human heartbreak we experience in this fallen world. ~ Autumn Macarthur, Author

Very few books draw the reader in and grab the reader’s emotions like Recovering Hope does! A very powerful book with a gripping tale of deep loss and sorrow, feeling abandoned and even hated by God, fighting one’s way back from the depths of despair to having faith restored, and finding God had a purpose greater than they thought possible. A truly emotional read that will touch one’s heart long after the last page and encourage the reader that God will never abandon us, even while going through dark valleys. ~ Becky Smith

Oh, my! The rollercoaster ride of emotions I experienced left me breathless. As Hope and Tyler go through what will probably be the most difficult time in their lives, we feel their angst, their pain, their plunge to the depths, and finally their joy. Recovering Hope will leave you with a renewed faith in God as we come to realize that God is there all the time, no matter what we go through. A highly recommended read you will remember for years to come. ~ Jan Elder, Author of Love, Lies, and Fireflies

Y’all, I don’t think I’ve shed so many tears as I have reading Hope and Tyler’s story! A story of pure happiness transpiring into total devastation all while God is hanging on every detail and brings forth His strength, love, and courage to pour into the characters’ hearts. Bringing to us a story full of emotion that in some way we all can relate to. Hope and Tyler share a love that is tested beyond something so horrific that no one should ever go through. Will they lean on each other so they can overcome this horrific tragedy? God’s love they have in their hearts and lives is put to the test, just as it is for us sometimes. Read with me this powerful testimony of how God is always with us, and He will never forsake us—that we all can overcome the most horrific battle we could ever face, with complete love and trust in our Father. Marion has poured heart and soul into this story and the characters. A story that will change lives everywhere! ~ Sharon Dean