Somewhere Beyond the Blue




Not every woman is fortunate enough to find her soulmate. Fewer find him twice.

JoAnn Stanson has loved and lost. Widowed a mere eighteen months ago, JoAnn is less than thrilled when her son arranges a luxury cruise around the British Isles as an early birthday gift. She’s not ready to move on and “meet new people”.

Caleb Blume has faced death and won. Had it not been for an unexpected Christmas present, he would surely have been pushing up daisies. Not that the silver-haired landscape architect was averse to those little flowers—he just wasn’t ready to become fertilizer himself.

To celebrate his sixty-fourth birthday and the nearing two-year anniversary since he’d cheated death, Caleb books a cruise and flies to London. He is instantly drawn in a way that’s never happened before to a woman he sees boarding the ship. But this woman who steals Caleb’s heart is far more guarded with her own.

For JoAnn, so many little things about Caleb remind her of her late husband. It’s like loving the same man twice. Yet different.

Or is it?


A chance to love again…

Naomi Taylor is putting her life back together following the sudden death of her husband, when eldest son Austin shows up at her doorstep with grandson Max. The troubled teen wants nothing more than to escape the cozy little town of Serenity and get back to his friends in the city. But Naomi’s not giving up on him, and hopes next-door neighbor Ben can help her find a way to reach him and turn things around—before it’s too late.

Ben Miller lost his wife to a long and ruthless battle with Alzheimer’s. Coming to terms with the loss has shown him he still has much to live for. When his needs intertwine with Naomi’s, their long-time friendship blossoms into something more.

Can the two discover a way to move into the future and love again, without betraying memories of the past?


After Kelly Richardson walks in on her cheating fiancé she makes some drastic changes in her life. At thirty years old, she moves away from home for the first time, desperate to escape her controlling father. When she volunteers for her church’s Christmas homeless ministry, she’s stunned when she discovers that Jamal Jennings, her first love, has also volunteered to feed the homeless.

Jamal Jennings has returned to Baltimore to care for his sick mother. He’s determined to stay in the area and open up his own bakery, and it appears that Kelly can help him fulfill his dream. But, when their dormant feelings from long ago are reawakened, Kelly admits that she is not emotionally ready to face their deep attraction.

During the Christmas season can Jamal and Kelly find the courage to fulfill their dreams?


A romance 48 years in the making…

Dragged half way across the world by his parents, the only contact Oliver Voight has with his native England is his friend Matt’s kid sister, who keeps him up to date with her rambling, winsome letters.

When Connie Falcon promises her brother’s best friend she will keep in touch, she has no idea where that assurance will lead. But Connie always keeps her promises, so forty-eight years later, she is still writing.

As the years have flown past, both of them have been transformed into different people by what life has thrown at them. When they finally meet face to face, everything begins to change. Forever.

(Please note this book is written with British English.)


Clare Evans, church secretary, Malamute breeder, and single lady of a certain age, resides in Moose Creek, Maine, where men are men and moose are enormoose. Her life is full to the brim, or almost. There’s only one thing missing—one of those manly men with a desire to love, honor, and protect her.

Travis Gibbs, forest ranger and recent widower, is grieving a broken heart. With his son off to college, he’s tired of being alone and ready to rejoin the living. When Clare invites him to a dinner dance and follows up by sending him home with a puppy, his interest is piqued.

Next, the two senior citizens win a cruise in a bowling tournament. But will they make it to the ship on time? Or, moose the boat and their chance at true love?

Somewhere Beyond the Blue: Fun sixty-something romances