Ti Amo

She never wants to get married. He does. To her.

The day Alessandra Rossi was born, her mammà died, and a loveless life with the father who blamed the newborn for her mother’s death followed. With the help of her oldest brother, Rafaele, Alessa moved away from home the moment she finished school—just like her other siblings had. Now sporting a degree in architectural history and archaeology, Alessa loves her job as a tour guide in the city of Rome—a place where she never fails to draw the attention of men. Not that Alessa cares. Fearing that the man she weds would be anything like her recently deceased father has Alessa vowing to remain single.

American missionary Michael Young has moved to Rome on a two-year mission trip. His temporary future in the country doesn’t stop him from spontaneously joining Alessa’s tour after spotting her outside the Colosseum. And being bold enough to tell her afterward that one day she’d be his wife. God had told him. And he believed Him. But Alessa shows no sign of interest in Michael.

Can anything sway the beautiful and headstrong Italian to fall in love? Can anyone convince her to put her faith and hope in the Heavenly Father, despite being raised by an earthly one who never loved her? Will her sister’s prompting, or a mysterious painting, or Michael himself change Alessa’s mind? About love. And about God.

Reading this book is like stepping into a different culture, learning another language, and visiting places I might only see through the author’s eyes. The history included enhances this story, as does the wonderfully described scenery. The characters and their struggles are realistic, and have almost become old friends, making me long to hear more of their stories. One of the many great themes of this book that will remain with me is to “live coram Deo… live your life in the presence of Almighty God, under His authority and to His glory.” This is a book you won’t want to miss reading, and I highly recommend it! ~ Becky Smith

Marion Ueckermann crafts another winner with Ti Amo, a glowing book full of tender moments featuring a mission-minded man determined to win the heart and soul of a stubborn woman. With the beautiful city of Rome as the backdrop, I was swept away into a world of romance right along with the characters. I will certainly share this delightful novel with many of my good friends. Not to be missed. ~ Jan Elder, Author of Love, Lies, and Fireflies

Intriguing, emotional and one of the most heartfelt stories in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, journey through Roma alongside Alessa and Michael and experience the true grace of God. ~ Sharon Dean