Accept Me


She came seeking her mother. She found so much more.

On her deathbed, Haddie Hayes’s mother whispers a secret into Haddie’s ear—one that she and Haddie’s father had kept for twenty-eight years. The truth that Haddie wasn’t born a Hayes sends this shy Kentucky girl far from the bluegrass of home to a small coastal town in Oregon in search of her birth mother. Hopefully in Chapel Cove she’ll find the answers to all her questions.

EMT, Riley Jordan can’t help himself—he’s a fixer, a helper, sometimes to his own detriment. A 911 call to Ivy’s on Spruce has Riley attending to Haddie Hayes, the new girl in town. After Riley learns of Haddie’s quest, he promises to help her find her birth family.

When Haddie makes the wrong assumptions, she vows to give up on her foolish crusade and go back to the only place she called home, a place she’d always felt safe and loved. But a freak accident hinders her plans of bolting from Chapel Cove.

And running from Riley…who has a secret of his own.

Haddie and Riley…two blessed souls looking to find who they are and where they belong. After already having that answer and not searching for anything different, Haddie gets news she never thought possible. And that news not only uprooted her world but sent Riley chasing something he thought would never come his way. States apart, complete strangers, Haddie and Riley’s story will have you on the edge of your seat and turning pages so anxiously wanting more. Ms Ueckermann has knocked this out of the park!  Wow!  Words cannot express how their story affects your heart. It’s powerful, it’s intriguing, it’s emotional, it’s God’s love for His children wrapped in one so eloquently written story!  This, my friend, is a book not to miss!  ~ Sharon Dean

Accept Me is another wonderful addition to this charming & delightful series! I love that each book in this series has titles that describe what we all can easily relate to, as we each want to belong, to be accepted, to be remembered, to be chosen, to be loved, to feel cherished, to be held, etc. – all things that we feel when we are safely anchored in God’s love and lets our hearts respond to another’s love. The small town of Chapel Cove continues to capture the reader’s hearts as each story reveals more of it’s charm & character with almost realistic people who continue to captivate the readers’ hearts & imaginations, taking us into their struggles, joys, & triumphs as they learn to turn to God & trust Him to use each of their lives’ situations, even the hard times, causing all things to work together for their good, although they don’t always realize that God was really in control. The author infuses this story with little pearls of wisdom and nuggets of truth, touching on forgiveness, good morals, letting former failures & heartaches cloud our judgement & fill us with unfounded fears, faithfulness, godliness, our tremendous need to feel accepted & wanted, especially by our parents, our desire to belong to a family, and the never-ending pursuit of our loving Heavenly Father Who patiently keeps drawing us nearer to Him, helping us to accept the things we might never know, while resting in the knowledge that He knows – and that’s all that really matters. ~ Becky Smith

Here are some of my favorite quotes:

– “Riley cared little for the praises of men or women or what they thought of him outwardly. He was more concerned with how people perceived him as a person. Just like God, who looks at the heart. Character was of more worth than countenance.”

– “The Lord used those hard years to shape me, and I can promise you this, Haddie…even when we can’t see it, God is good. Never forget that.”

– “Pastor Don had preached a powerful sermon on the lost sheep, something she could relate to well at this point in her life. In fact, there were times in the service she’d felt like offering a feeble bleat to heaven.”

– “Fear wrapped sharp claws around her, drawing her into its vile embrace.”