Choose Me


The one thing he wants most in the world, she can’t give him. 

Her heart broken at the altar, real estate agent Julia Delpont moves south to Chapel Cove, away from the humiliation, the gossip, the stares. At least in this small town, nobody knew her story. And she had every intention of keeping it that way. No man would ever break her heart again.

After three years as an army surgeon in war-torn Afghanistan, Dr. Hudson Brock avoids the ER, choosing instead to perform scheduled surgeries at a top Dallas hospital. But neither extremes in his career have offered Hudson what he really wants—a wife and family to come home to at night. Maybe in the sleepy hollow of a town he’d grown up in, he would find what he was looking for.

Once back in Chapel Cove, Hudson tries to find the perfect house. He suspects that finding the perfect woman will take far longer.

When Julia Delpont literally stumbles into Hudson’s life, he knows he’s the one who has fallen harder. But Julia is afraid to open her heart again. Especially to the handsome doctor whose deepest desires she cannot fill.

Julia and Hudson are two of the most engaging main characters I have read in a while. My heart wept and leapt with these two all the way through the novel, and I truly cried happy tears in the end. ~ Paula Marie, Blogger and Book Reviewer at Fiction Full of Faith

The story spirited me away into a deeper understanding of things I thought I already knew. That’s genius and the call of God in action. ~ Judith Robl, JR’s Red Quill Editing

As I read this book I was overcome with buckets of emotions. WOW! In this wonderful story, we find hope in place of despair, and how God can work all things for His good. ~ Marylin Furumasu, MF Literary Works

A page turner, gut wrenching at times, story with a believable resolution. Chapel Cove with its unique residents is my kind of growing town. ~ Renate Pennington, Retired English, Journalism, Creative Writing High School Teacher