Remember Me


What she most needed was right there in front of her all along.

At the age of thirteen, Clarise Aylward and her two best friends each pen a wish list of things they want to achieve. Deciding to bury a tin containing their life goals, the friends vow to unearth the metal box once they’ve all turned forty. But as the decades pass and each girl chases her dreams, the lists are forgotten.

Heath Brock has been in love with Clarise for over twenty-seven years and counting. As a young man, he’d plucked up the courage to ask her out on a Valentine’s date, but the couple succumbs to pent-up passions, sending Clarise dashing for the other side of the country.

Years after Clarise’s sudden departure, Heath serves as youth pastor. He’d held out hope of Clarise’s return, but buries his feelings for his childhood sweetheart when he learns she’s married.

Almost penniless, divorced, and with nowhere to go, Clarise returns home to Chapel Cove, her future uncertain. She’s coming up on forty with her dreams in tatters. When old feelings resurface, Clarise wonders whether she’s ever really fallen out of love with Heath.

What’s the man of God to do when his old flame returns, seemingly to stay?

With Clarise back in town, Heath is determined not to repeat past mistakes, but if he has anything to say about it, never again will he lose the only woman he’s ever loved.

I am always amazed and gratified with Marion’s stories. Her grasp of human nature and how God figures in their lives makes her characters believable and lovable. With Remember Me, I fell in love with not just a couple, but an entire community. As soon as I can locate it on a map, I’m saving for a trip to Chapel Cove. Will you join me? I can hardly wait for the rest of this series. ~ Judith Robl, JR’s Red Quill Editing, Author of As Grandma Says

This story hits so many of my favorite themes, second chance for a love lost, chasing your life’s dreams, and finding out God has an even better plan for us. Clarise and Heath have a love for each other that you can feel from the very beginning, but their timing has been off for years, until now. The “cast of secondary characters” are so engaging I cannot wait to read more about them! ~ Paula Marie, Blogger and Book Reviewer at Fiction Full of Faith

Remember Me, is a wonderful story of love and hope. This author wrapped all this story in the wonderful message of God’s love for us, even when we think our past is too bad. Now, I can’t forget to mention this tale also has some swoon-worthy moments. Reese and Heath have a hard time not heating up the scenes too much! But what’s a romance novel without romance? I will carry this story in my heart and smile when I think of it. I highly recommend you pick it up, also look for the next books in this series. I think we’ll all love this piece of Oregon flair. ~ Marylin Furumasu, MF Literary Works