Dancing in the Rain

Their outdoor wedding planned for the middle of Africa’s rainy summer, chances are it’ll pour on Mirabelle Kelly’s bridal parade—after all, she is marrying Noah Raines.

To make matters worse, the African Rain Queen, Modjadji, is invited to the wedding.

Mirabelle must shun her superstitions and place her faith in the One who really controls the weather.

While most romance short stories discuss the theme of love or commitment, this short story explores the motif of dancing in the rain on Mirabelle’s and Noah’s wedding day. Is rain on their wedding day – good or bad luck? Who is superstitious? After reading this well crafted short story with its unique South Africa January setting, the well developed characters of Noah Raines (how punny) and Mirabelle, a unique wedding guest, a few unexpected twists and one not so unexpected conflict (the interfering mother-in-law), YOU can decide. A perfect blend of cultures, superstitions and traditions = a delightful whimsical read. Marion Ueckermann congratulations on this inspiring Honorable Mention Romance. ~ Renate Pennington

A finalist in the 2015 ACFW Houston ‘Storming the Short Story’ contest, Dancing in the Rain was published in the Dancing Up A Storm anthology. 

Proceeds go to the American Christian Fiction Writers scholarship fund.