The Other You

Who am I? The question has Taylor Cassidy journeying from one side of America to the other seeking an answer. Almost five years brings her no closer to the truth. Now an award-winning photojournalist for Wines & Vines, Taylor is sent on assignment to South Africa to discover the inspiration behind Aimee Amour, the DeBois estate’s flagship wine. Mystery has enshrouded the story of the woman for whom the wine is named.

South African winegrower Armand DeBois’s world is shattered when a car accident leaves him in a coma for three weeks, and his young wife dead. The road of recovery and mourning is dark, and Armand teeters between falling away from God and falling into His comforting arms.

When Armand and Taylor meet, questions arise for them both. While the country and the winegrower hold a strange attraction for Taylor, Armand struggles with the uncertainty of whether he’s falling in love with his past or his future.

“I loved this book! A story built from love, tragedy, loss and a hope for the future. I loved that it was set in wine country and the detail that went into the description of the winery. As I read about the characters, I could feel their pain and loss. But I could also feel the hope just underlying that pain. I have to say I have had this book on the TBR list for a while and I wish I had read it sooner. I will be reading the rest of Marion Ueckermann’s books.” ~ Lucy Jones

“Awesome book! The beauty of the Cape winelands is so well illustrated by the author. Found this story to be so enriching in that one can identify with the character’s emotions and experiences and that there were Scripture throughout that were so applicable and appropriate. It was so refreshing not only enjoying a story unfold, but to also learn from it and be blessed by it.” ~ Melanie Higgins