Bush Tails


My three siblings and I grew up in the African bushveld of Zambia and what was formerly known as the North Eastern Transvaal. Scorpions, baboon spiders, rain spiders, earwigs, Mopani worms, and snakes all formed a rather normal part of our daily lives. Thanks to Dad’s numerous hunting trips, our staple diet was frequently game biltong—yummy! Friends found our house creepy with its enormous variety of stuffed creatures, ranging from birds of many species to small animals, leguaans, crocodiles, and snakes (sometimes alive, but not of the pet variety).

Our family would often sit, fascinated and entertained, as we listened intently to the stories our father would tell with pride as he recalled fond memories.

The older we became, the more we enjoyed his humorous tales of the bush, eagerly grabbing every opportunity to send dear old Dad down memory lane again, even though we’d walked this same path many times before.

“Tell us again, Dad. Tell us the one about….”

“Wonderful, heartwarming, and sometimes humorous tales of the bush from the author’s father that needed to be written down and enjoyed by more than just his own heritage!  This well-written book made me feel like I have experienced a little “bit of South Africa” and journeyed along with the bush buddies, while learning about various wildlife and taxidermy. And the reader will enjoy the wonderful pictures that are included, from the crocodile tail lamp to the Pel’s Fishing Owl to the elephant shoes (which brought tears to my eyes because they belonged to Marion’s daddy).” ~ Becky Smith

“How wonderful to read more stories of the years in the bush. The legacy of life stories is something that needs to be nurtured and treasured. These stories all have a bit of the narrator’s wonderful humor, which makes for entertaining reading. Delightful!” ~ Janice Wiggill

“My husband and I enjoyed these hilarious stories. This collection is for those who like to remember their childhood and the stories heard at their Daddy’s knee.” ~ Linda Rainey