Oslo Overtures

“If women were meant to fly, the skies would be pink.”

Those were the first words Anjelica Joergensen heard from renowned wingsuiter, Kyle Sheppard, when they joined an international team in Oslo to break the formation flying Guinness World Record. This wouldn’t be the last blunder Kyle would make around the beautiful Norwegian.

The more Anjelica tries to avoid Kyle, the more the universe pushes them together. Despite their awkward start, she finds herself reluctantly attracted to the handsome New Zealander. But beneath his saintly exterior, is Kyle just a daredevil looking for the next big thrill?

Falling for another wingsuiter would only be another love doomed.

When a childhood sweetheart comes between them, Kyle makes a foolish agreement which jeopardizes the event and endangers his life, forcing Angelica to make a hard choice.

Is she the one who’ll clip his wings?

Can he be the wind beneath hers?

“I loved this book. The author takes you to Norway with this book and plunges you into the world of skydiving. She has written a story that made me feel like I was actually taking the jumps from the plane and enjoying the beautiful country. This s another wonderful combination of romance and faith with a little sky diving danger thrown in that made for a thoroughly enjoyable read and another one from this author that I definitely recommend. It was also a pleasant surprise to catch back up with Adam and Evelina from Helsinki Sunrise.” ~ Ann Lacy Ellison