Fruit of the Rhyme


A short collection of fun poetry inspired by fruit, offering words ripe for the picking with tempting tales, tropical teasers, pulp fiction, exotic expressions, and monstrous musings.

Fruit of the Rhyme by Marion Ueckermann is a collection of poems about fruit—some exotic, some everyday. Using personification and imagery, the reader is in for a real treat. Some are conventional poems, others are in the Haiku style. I particularly liked the apple poem with its references to Adam and Eve and Snow White. A lighthearted read. ~ Julia Wilson, Book Reviewer at Christian Bookaholic

Fruit of the Rhyme begins with A Note from the Author explaining the inspiration behind this word-tasty collection of poems. This unique collection includes several haikus and the acrostic poem Passionfruit. Poems that touch the five senses: sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. Masterful creations exemplifying poetic devices: imagery, rhyme, rhythm, and repetition. “Feast your eyes, dip them deep in my paper bowl lined with ink. Toss the alphabet soup out, go ahead, pick a treat from my fruity words. Digest! Devour! Some sweet – some sour.” ~ Renate Pennington, Retired English, Journalism, Creative Writing High School Teacher5