My Colorful Life


A short collection of poetry inspired by life and personal experiences offering glimpses into the writer, the world, Africa, life, and love.

My Colorful Life by Marion Ueckermann is a delightful collection of poems that spoke to my soul. With vivid descriptions, I “travelled” to Ireland and Africa. The detail enabled me to “see” the landscape and “feel” the African heat. I had two favourite poems: “The Writer” and “Words”. They appealed to me because of their detail and subject matter. I urge you to buy this collection as I leave you with my favourite line from “Words”—“…embroider stories inside your head”. ~ Julia Wilson, Book Reviewer at Christian Bookaholic

“Take time to look, hear, touch, taste, see, laughing, feeling, loving free – a world full of wonder.” My Colorful Life is my favorite Marion Ueckermann collection of poetry. The cover is a visual delight and inspiration. The collection begins with A Note from the Author explaining the inspiration behind her favorite poems. As an avid reader and retired literature teacher, I related to the following poems: The Seven Wonders, An Emigrant’s Lament, The Lighthouse, and The Circle of Life; because I am an immigrant, Michigan’s shores are dotted with lighthouses, and The Circle of Life reminded me of Shakespeare’s Seven Stages of Life. As readers we all experience color in our lives. ~ Renate Pennington, Retired English, Journalism, Creative Writing High School Teacher