A Time to Laugh

For thirty years, Brian and Elizabeth Dunham have served on the mission field. Unable to have children of their own, they’ve been a father and mother to countless orphans in six African countries. When an unexpected beach-house inheritance and a lung disease diagnosis coincide, they realize that perhaps God is telling them it’s time to retire.

At sixty, Elizabeth is past child-bearing age. She’d long ago given up wondering whether this would be the month she would conceive. But when her best friend and neighbor jokes that Elizabeth’s sudden fatigue and nausea are symptoms of pregnancy, Elizabeth finds herself walking that familiar and unwanted road again, wondering if God is pulling an Abraham and Sarah on her and Brian.

The mere notion has questions flooding Elizabeth’s mind. If she were miraculously pregnant, would they have the stamina to raise a child in their golden years? Especially with Brian’s health issues. And the child? Would it be healthy, or would it go through life struggling with some kind of disability? What of her own health? Could she survive giving birth?

Will what Brian and Elizabeth have dreamed of their entire married life be an old-age blessing or a curse?

“A delightful novella written by Marion Ueckermann. With a number of references and similarities to the story of Sarah in the Old Testament, this story line is fun while at the same time serious. When Brian and Elizabeth Dunham return from the African mission field where they have cared for orphan children, it is with more than a little trepidation when Elizabeth develops symptoms indicating pregnancy. She is in her sixties. Is it possible? And if she is, will the baby be normal? A beautiful story, well thought out. Well done, Marion!” ~ Shirley Corder

“A miracle is a miracle. But what do you do when the miracle happens at the “wrong” time? Sometimes you weep. Sometimes you laugh. And then, you have to make plans to include the miracle in the life you thought you had. This story takes you through the longing, the accepting, the surprise, and the planning for the right miracle at the wrong time. Sit back and enjoy. Then watch one miracle turn into two. If you’ve read any of Marion’s other stories, you will find this one equally satisfying – or perhaps, more so.” ~ Judith Robl

“A Time to Laugh is an absolutely ADORABLE story that kept me laughing!! Marion Ueckermann does such a wonderful job of capturing the humor and surprises of Elizabeth’s unplanned pregnancy, along with the concerns and fears that older women and high-risk pregnancies have to face. But it is also a story of learning to trust a faithful & loving God, and willingly bowing to His sovereignty. LOVED this story!!” ~ Becky Smith