A Time to Push Daisies

Not every woman is fortunate enough to find her soulmate. Fewer find him twice.

JoAnn Stanson has loved and lost. Widowed a mere eighteen months ago, JoAnn is less than thrilled when her son arranges a luxury cruise around the British Isles as an early birthday gift. She’s not ready to move on and “meet new people”.

Caleb Blume has faced death and won. Had it not been for an unexpected Christmas present, he would surely have been pushing up daisies. Not that the silver-haired landscape architect was averse to those little flowers—he just wasn’t ready to become fertilizer himself.

To celebrate his sixty-fourth birthday and the nearing two-year anniversary since he’d cheated death, Caleb books a cruise and flies to London. He is instantly drawn in a way that’s never happened before to a woman he sees boarding the ship. But this woman who steals Caleb’s heart is far more guarded with her own.

For JoAnn, so many little things about Caleb remind her of her late husband. It’s like loving the same man twice. Yet different.

Or is it?

To find a true love once in this life is beautiful, but to find it twice? I am a blubbery mess having read this AMAZING story—in a good way of course! I found myself so many times at the edge of my seat unable to read this fast enough to get to the next part of this beautiful love story. This book has a lesson for all of us, from the young to the young at heart, we can all take away a new appreciation for God’s unending love through Marion’s A Time to Push Daisies!

And, if you ever wanted to go on a European cruise, visit Ireland, Scotland, London…walk among the Standing Stones or cross over the Ha’penny Bridge or see all the other sites there are to see, dive right into this book. My feet have never left the good ole’ USA, but I feel as though I have been on the most luxurious trip thanks to A Time to Push Daisies! Not only did I get to set sail on an amazing cruise with my own butler, but I had the chance to fall in love—with both the hero, and the heroine, in this beautiful story of love found later in life! ~ Paula Marie, Blogger and Book Reviewer at Fiction Full of Faith

In 2019,  A Time to Push Daisies took 1st place in the Inspirational Novel category of the IDA Contest OKRWA 2019 (International Digital Awards Contest Oklahoma Romance Writers of America.)